Over the last 12 years, Clergytech has always been by my side to help me navigate the important task of financial management and proper stewardship of the funds that God has blessed us with. I can honestly say we would not be where we are today without them!

Aaron Cavin – Life Community Church

We’re experts in helping churches and ministries start up –and then grow up.

Starting a ministry? Looking for church planting services? We can help.

Church financial services

Get the church accounting, payroll and tax services you need to get compliant and stay focused on your programs.

Quality service, personal touch

We offer the custom, personalized support you need. When you work with Clergytech, our entire team is here to help.

Decades of experience

We bring deep expertise from the work we’ve done consulting for churches, ministries and related non-profits since 1986.

Services to help you start up, grow and protect your church or ministry.

Church Payroll Services

We make payroll easy for you. If you’re looking for a full service offering, we can handle everything from paying your staff to making tax deposits to delivering reporting to all levels of government. If you prefer to handwrite your checks, we’ll prepare your employment tax returns and W-2s/1099s after the fact.

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Client portal

Access your accounting, tax or payroll reports, update employee information or submit payrolls at any time.


Employee portal

Access and update your personal account and W-4 information at any time. View and print your paystubs, W2s and 1099s.


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