Spend less time on accounting and more time with your community.

If you want the majority of your resources focused on your programming rather than dealing with accounting and related administration, our team can help. We can provide a customized mix of church accounting services that will enable you to stay focused on your core mission. And because we operate on a retainer basis, you’re never limited in the amount of support you can access. We’re always here when you need us.

Our ministry and church accounting services.

Whatever your size or staffing levels, we can help support you with the expertise we’ve built up over decades of work in church accounting. If you’re small and need full service support, we can provide that. If you’re looking for church accounting software solutions, we can help. And if you’re ready to grow and bring some of the accounting in-house, we’ll build a personalized offering that delivers only what you need.

  • Write Up (Bookkeeping) Services
  • Consulting and Policy/Procedure Reviews

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